The Root Cause of Abortion

by Brian Murphy

The abortion issue is really not very complicated. The root cause of most abortions is contraception. The moment that a soul rejects God's plan for life and uses a technological or any other means to prevent conception, that soul has slipped down the slippery slope of self-deception. It now becomes easier to reason that a technological means must be used to end the results of conception - abortion. The self-deception reaches a peak in an act of murder.

The root cause of contraception and abortion is lack of chastity.

The root cause of lack of chastity is a lack of understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit and the life of grace.

Why is there so much abortion in the world? One reason is that there is so much abortion in the Church! Hence, the Church fails to give a proper witness to the world. Why is there so much abortion in the Church? It is because there is so much contraception in the Church (80%). Why is there so much contraception in the Church? It is because there is so much lack of chastity in the Church. Why is there so much lack of chastity in the Church? One good reason is that chastity is rarely taught any more, especially from the pulpit. The word "chastity" is rarely even mentioned, let alone taught.

Chastity is a state of grace, a work of the Holy Spirit, that comes through conversion to the truth and fervent prayer. Chastity is a good test of whether we are enjoying a good relationship with the Holy Spirit. If we are unchaste, we can be quite sure that something is terribly wrong and we do not have the living power of God working within us. If we are chaste, it is most likely because the Holy Spirit is actively helping us. For most people, chastity is rather impossible without the Holy Spirit.

Contraception is a violation of chastity. Masturbation is a violation of chastity. Deliberate sterilization is a sin that is often motivated by lack of chastity. Divorce often stems from lack of chastity. All of these sins distort the true intent and true meaning of God's loving plan for life, love, marriage and family.

Abortion is not a complicated issue. Abortion, euthanasia and all the other forms of murder that comprise the culture of death can not be mitigated until the Church returns to chastity, embraces it enthusiastically, teaches it, proclaims it and denounces all of the sins against chastity. When the Church embraces that mission, it will then begin to be able to offer the world a witness and a path to follow. Only then will that path lead to a variety of legislative endeavors to end abortion and protect the life of the unborn child.