God's Plan For Life


Brian Murphy

This 105-page book can be perused off line by downloading it for free. Print the book (pdf format) on your own printer; put it in a 3-ring binder and enjoy reading the rich love of God's Plan For Salvation (Part 1) and God's Plan For Life (Part 2). The book is a carefully constructed summary of the most important and essential teachings of Jesus Christ with all of the Bible passages fully written out to place them immediately in view of the reader.

God's Plan For Salvation (Part 1) will help you to respond to God's invitation to receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. His plan is not too complicated; hence it does not require hundreds of pages to explain it. His plan is marvelous and exciting and is based on truth.

God's Plan For Life (Part 2) takes all of the themes of this web site, and more, and presents God's plan for life, love, marriage, family and children in a methodical manner. The truth is presented with straightforward clarity.

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